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Points that define Our Reliability

Leads filtered by location ensure that the customer lives within your chosen market. Whether it is by Province, City, or Postal Code, our precise targeting will provide you with the most relevant leads possible.

Leads delivered in real time means the customer is ready to buy now. Leads are delivered securely to your inbox within minutes of the customer applying - giving you the best chance at closing the sale.

Choose a set monthly amount of leads, from 20 to 2000+. Thanks to our expansive advertising reach and high conversion rate we can guarantee that your order will always be filled.

Our leads are all from customers looking specifically for an auto loan, they are manually processed by trained customer service representatives to ensure the highest quality possible.

Benefits of Buying Leads From DealersBank

We give you the tools and technology you need to close the sale in real-time, and at no additional charge.

  • Verified Lead Information and Interest
  • Exclusive Targeted Leads
  • No Contracts
  • No Monthly fees
  • Pay as you go
  • Custom Packages


We find Canadian customers who are in the market to purchase a vehicle, but have financial or credit challenges that make it difficult for them to walk into their bank and acquire a loan.

We put them in touch with you, then hand over control so you can guide them through the steps of obtaining a vehicle in your inventory.


Focus on converting hot, local leads into sales and profit instead of spending your valuable time trying to advertise and find customers yourself.


Low set up fees and the ability to track your advertising dollar to the penny.


Dedicated Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives available 7 days a week ensure that you are always taken care of and your leads are always complete.

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FAQ These FAQ will answer your questions!

The lead you receive via email must:
Be interested in getting a car loan
Be earning $1800 per month
Have a license
Be able to obtain insurance

Exclusive means that you are the Only dealership to get the leads we send you. This gives you a distinct advantage in closing. To be exact because our leads are exclusive they close at 20%+.

Because we don't resell them to 4-5 dealerships in your area. Our leads are waiting for one dealership to call them, to get them approved for a car loan, and get them in a car. Our leads are exclusive to one dealership only. Even though we have many dealerships in the same area in many cases, we round robin the leads so everyone gets there order. This way your lead is always dedicated to your dealership.

Because our dealership clients continuously are requesting more leads on a weekly basis. After you get a 50 leads in a few weeks, you will sell 5-10 cars (20%+ conversion), and you as well will request more leads. Its all about your ROI. We will be your best auto loan lead provider within 4-6 weeks after you evaluate

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